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About Us

RDR Club was founded in 2012 by Mr. Rod Brown, a professional trader in forex market. RDR Club has been growing fast by expanding trade industry and rolling more elite traders.In year 2012, our team successfully predicted EUR/USD rising trend, which marked as a solid step to help our investors' wealth growing in an fantastic speed, and gain more trust from our customers. In year 2014,our team recognize world financial is in the turning point with the United States ends the QE while EU central bank is pressed by the bad financial situation. We sell EURUSD and we profit huge. Most of these profit are released to our customers.
Past few years trading experience formulates us the flexible trading skills and professional risk management. Especially risk management system nowadays have built in and to help our team evaluation of risk with the following selection of course of actions proceeding from available alternative scenarios of further events.We are more open and more confidence.

Join us. You will surely be satisfied!